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No matter if one is male or female, and regardless of one's sexual or even racial preferences, most people in the world would agree that there are few feelings more pleasurable than that of feeling genuinely loved and cherished. Indeed, in such a complicated world, true bliss is often experienced in the midst of true simplicity. In addition to that, when happy couples are comfortable and steady they often engage in public displays of affection. These displays can include hugging, kissing, holding hands, walking arm-in-arm, Eskimo kisses (rubbing noses together), butterfly kisses (batting eyelashes together), or even electronic gestures like sending text messages, 'liking' or 'sharing' posts and/or pictures, or even leaving a comment on someone's wall. All of these actions have the ability to both show your partner that you love and appreciate them, as well as display this affection for the world to see.

On the flip side, in those instances in which one partner becomes hesitant to display affection, the other partner often becomes insecure as a result of this behavior. This can lead to a great deal of relationship turmoil, and ultimately cause the demise of the relationship if the matter isn't handled properly. Rather than shaming a partner into complying with your demand for public affection, or shaming your partner for wanting this type of affection, compromise so both sides are heard. This can be done by discussing the matter is full and compromising on ways to fulfill each other's needs without totally imposing one's will one way or the other. Some common compromises involve posting photographs, 'liking' posts and statuses, posting emojis, or other small gestures that help you show your partner, as well as those curious onlookers, that you truly love them.

Furthermore, it may also help to show them affection in real life. Although it has become common for couples to meet online, a large part of the reason some couples break up is a tendency to neglect the relationship in real life. It's one thing to show love online; it's quite another to show that same level of attraction and adoration in person. Indeed, in an age marked by its astounding strides in technology, it is often easy to do too much of our connecting electronically, while neglecting the person and relationship in real life. In other words, make sure you are putting just as much time and effort into getting to know your partner in real life as you have online.

Above all, relationships are always hard work. Technological efforts that help us connect can also play a large role in tearing us apart. Be mindful of your words and actions on and offline and you and the love of your life should be just fine.

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